Beyond ‘Hybrid’ Natural Eating!

OurPlate Score: 10

Are you beginning to eat the HumanaNatura way and using HumanaNatura’s OurPlate guidelines to plan your meals? In practice, many of us start to eat more naturally with a ‘hybrid’ approach. By this, we mean using more natural foods, but still thinking about and organizing meals along traditional lines. As examples, we might replace grains with a serving of fruit, or starchy vegetables with a small salad on our dinner plate. These steps make our meals much healthier, but still pay homage to an approach to eating, and to living, from an earlier and less healthy period in our history.

A more advanced and tradition-transcending alternative is to begin fresh and build our meals in new ways that make the most of natural human foods – nutritionally and aesthetically – which is a key idea behind HumanaNatura’s advocacy of salad meals. This added step moves us beyond hybrid eating, and may help to reveal other traditional patterns of thinking and action that hold our health and lives back. With salad meals, we don’t have a salad with our meals, we have a salad for our meals. It’s a change that can have important health impacts and lead the way to new health insights in other areas of our lives.

Today’s inviting salad meal uses a modern and more optimal approach to healthy natural eating. It starts with a spicy stir-fry of pork and shrimp, seasoned with turmeric, ginger, and red and black pepper. This delicious double protein is paired with a bed of arugula and a mix of chopped cucumber, julienne-cut mango, and pearl tomatoes…and then it’s all garnished with pistachios, parsley, paprika, coriander, lemon, and black pepper. Naturally yummy, super-healthy, and made in and encouraging a progressive new overall pattern of life and health!

Learn more about creating naturally delicious and optimally nutritious meals through OurPlate, HumanaNatura’s simple healthy eating and meal rating tool, and experience how this science-based and completely natural approach to daily meals can change the way you eat, feel, and live. Perfect your skills at making delicious and naturally healthy salad meals that follow the OurPlate guidelines via the Meals tab above, our popular article Perfect Salad Meals, or the Natural Eating section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Once you have begun eating the HumanaNatura way, we hope you will begin to explore your other opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between meals – through HumanaNatura’s complete and naturally open-ended system for lifelong and lifewide health and fitness. Check out our overview at The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

Tell your friends about HumanaNatura… encourage new health!

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