Saturday Date Salad Meal!

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Would you like to have an extra special Saturday night salad meal? Maybe you are entertaining friends and family, or perhaps you are trying to make an impression on someone new. Either way, truly special and naturally healthy meals are easy when you eat the HumanaNatura way and follow HumanaNatura’s OurPlate guidelines. All you need to do is to add an extra ingredient or two, and you can quickly create a memorable and impressive meal. Here’s a great example.

Our Saturday Date Salad Meal literally includes dates and, combined with other fresh natural ingredients, leaves a delicious impression that lasts. The salad begins with a fillet of salmon, that’s pan-seared with red onion, garlic bits, turmeric, and black pepper and then cooked covered on medium heat until done.

As this extra-healthy fish variety cooks, we prepare an amazing veggie and fruit complement. On top of a base of mixed greens, we add halved and sliced Persian cucumber, sliced and cut avocado, halved grape tomatoes, and a generous amount of coarsely chopped medjool dates. It’s all combined and garnished simply with parsley, lemon, and black pepper. An easy, gorgeous, and satisfying meal that is sure to make for a great Saturday night dinner, any day of the week.

Learn more about creating naturally delicious and optimally nutritious meals through OurPlate, HumanaNatura’s simple optimal eating guide and meal rating tool, and experience how this science-based and 100% natural approach to daily meals can change the way you eat, feel, and live. Perfect your skills at making delicious and naturally healthy salad meals that follow the OurPlate guidelines via the Meals tab above, our popular article Perfect Salad Meals, or the Natural Eating section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Once you have begun eating the HumanaNatura way, you can explore your many opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between meals – via HumanaNatura’s complete and naturally open-ended system for lifelong and lifewide health and fitness. Check out an overview of our health programs at The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…create new life and health!

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